Smile with a Tooth Joke!


Over the years, patients, friends, and family have told us a number of funny (and a few not so funny) teeth-related jokes. At Barden Orthodontics we love what we do – making beautiful, healthy smiles. And we LOVE a good joke that makes people laugh and show off their beautiful smiles!

Because we know everyone can use a good laugh, we have compiled our favorite jokes below. ENJOY!

What did the tooth say to the departing dentist? Fill me in later

What did the dentist say to the golfer? You have a hole in one

What did the orthodontist do on the roller coaster? She braced herself

Why did the King go to the dentist? To get a new crown

Where does a whale go to get braces? The orca-dontist

What is the best time to go to the dentist? “tooth-hurty”

What did the dentist of the year win? A little plaque

Why did the snowman go to the orthodontist? To fix his frostbite

How are false teeth like the stars? They come out at night

Why did the cell phone go to the dentist? It was having trouble with its Bluetooth

Why are orthodontists such good problem solvers? They get to the root of a problem

Which teeth do you have to brush? Just the ones you want to keep

What is an orthodontist’s favorite day of the week? Toothsday

Share your favorite (tooth) jokes with us at your next appointment or on our Facebook page. Let’s see some smiles!

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