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What is a "bad bite"?

September 2nd, 2022

Have you been told you have a "bad bite"? A bad bite often refers to jaw alignment problems (such as an over or under bite). This could also indicate uneven tooth spacing or teeth that are protruding, crowded, or crooked. What causes a "bad bite"? A bad bite could  be due to heredity, thumb-sucking, early…
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Orthodontic Consultation Questions

August 5th, 2022

Are you thinking about orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth or correct jaw alignment? Dr. Douglas Barden offers consultations to meet with potential patients and answer their questions, concerns, and outline an individualized treatment plan. At Barden Orthodontics we want you to feel comfortable and knowledgeable about your orthodontic treatment plan. Here are some common questions you…
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Orthodontics and Jaw Growth Correction

July 8th, 2022

    Have you been told that you (or your child) need orthodontic correction for jaw alignment or development issues? This could include issues such as: Underdeveloped lower jaw Protrusion of upper teeth Malocclusions Crossbite Overbite The American Association of Orthodontics recommends that children first visit to an orthodontist at the age of seven to identify any jaw…
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Braces Friendly Summer Snacks

June 3rd, 2022

Does it seem like your kids are always hungry for a snack?? If they have braces, be sure to have some braces friendly snacks available for them when they are hungry.  Keep in mind, anything that is hard (nuts, hard candy) or sticky (caramels, gum etc) can result in broken brackets and an emergency orthodontic…
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