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Barden Orthodontics: 10 Year Anniversary!

April 8th, 2022

This month we celebrate 10 years of Barden Orthodontics in Whitefish Bay, WI!  These years have gone by fast and so much has changed for our office. Barden Orthodontics has moved from the original office location in the Fox Bay building to the larger, state-of-the-art office above City Market. The Barden Orthodontics team has grown…
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Famous Women in Dentistry

March 4th, 2022

March is Women’s History Month and Barden Orthodontics would like to acknowledge the contributions of women to the dental and orthodontic fields. Nearly 34.5% of dentists are women, more than half of dental students are women, and over 95% of dental assistants are women. You can likely thank a woman for helping to keep your…
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Children's Teeth Fun Facts

February 4th, 2022

It is Children’s Dental Health Month so we thought we would highlight some of our favorite fun facts about children’s teeth. Did you know? Children first smile around 2 months of age. While they may not have teeth yet, their gummy grin is a joy for parents to see! Children’s teeth start to grow before…
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Top Reasons for Orthodontics

January 7th, 2022

Are you considering orthodontics for yourself or your child?  It’s a big decision to seek orthodontic treatment.  Here are some of the top reasons for children, teens, and adults to get braces or Invisalign. Top reasons children should consider getting orthodontic treatment: Early treatment allows the correction and guides the growth of your child's jaw…
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