Orthodontic FAQ

Orthodontic Consultation Questions

August 5th, 2022

Are you thinking about orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth or correct jaw alignment? Dr. Douglas Barden offers consultations to meet with potential patients and answer their questions, concerns, and outline an individualized treatment plan.

At Barden Orthodontics we want you to feel comfortable and knowledgeable about your orthodontic treatment plan. Here are some common questions you might want to discuss with Dr. Barden during your consultation.

  • Do I need to visit my general or pediatric dentist to have any dental work done before I am ready for braces?
  • Will getting braces hurt or cause any discomfort?
  • How long I have to wear braces?
  • How often will I have to come in for appointments?
  • How will braces affect my lifestyle? Does it change the foods that I can eat and activities I can do?
  • What COVID and other infectious disease safety precautions do you take in your office?
  • What will my orthodontic work cost? Do you work with my insurance company?

Some other questions you might want to consider as you decide who will be your orthodontic treatment provider:

  • Does the doctor and dental office specialize in orthodontics or is this a general dental practice? What type of education does the doctor have in orthodontics?
  • Will I be treated by the same orthodontist or do multiple orthodontists work out of one office?
  • Does the doctor provide treatment for children, teens and/or adults?
  • Are comprehensive dental x-rays and other diagnostic records taken before treatment?
  • Is only one type of treatment offered (such as clear aligners)? Or, is the doctor trained in a variety of treatment options and the doctor indicates which one is most effective for your individualized dental needs?
  • If an emergency happens, how can you reach the doctor and when is help available?

Do you want to learn more about orthodontic treatment at Barden Orthodontics? Dr. Barden answers some Frequently Asked Orthodontic Questions on his blog!

Dr. Barden and his team are always happy to answer your questions and make sure that you are comfortable with the treatment plan.  Stop in for a visit to our office, give us a call at 414-962-1281, or request an appointment online and start your journey to a beautiful smile!

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Ask Dr. Barden!

May 6th, 2022

Dr. Douglas Barden is always happy to answer questions about orthodontic treatment. In this blog, Dr. Barden answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.

What age should my child see an orthodontist?

Children should see an orthodontist by age 7. This allows me to look for and correct any problems sooner and without surgery. Not all children will need early treatment. Some children will benefit from early phase treatment while others won’t need treatment for several more years.

Is it safe to do mail order aligners?

Orthodontics is a medical treatment that requires supervision by a trained medical professional and should be done in-person. The American Association of Orthodontists has issued a Consumer Alert warning patients about mail order orthodontic treatments that you can read here: Consumer Alert | American Association of Orthodontists (aaoinfo.org)

How long do I need to wear my retainer for?

Once orthodontic treatment is finished to keep your smile looking its best, you will have to wear a retainer. Retainers are necessary to preserve and stabilize your results. Depending on your treatment plan you will either have a removable retainer or a fixed retainer. Fixed retainers are usually kept in for life. Removable retainers should be worn a set number of hours every day to keep your teeth from moving. We will let you know how to effectively use, and care for, your retainer when you complete treatment.

I broke/lost/my dog ate my retainer! What should I do?

Retainers are important for maintaining your beautiful smile! If you need a new retainer, call our office immediately to schedule an appointment to have a new one made. The sooner you call us the better as your teeth can move if you don't wear your retainer.

Do I need to see my dentist while in orthodontic treatment?

Yes! I will be focusing on orthodontics and moving your teeth and jaw for better alignment. You will still need to see your dentist and hygienist for regular cleanings, exams, and any other non-orthodontic dental work (such as filling cavities). l work in collaboration with your dentist to make sure you have a healthy, beautiful smile.

Do you work with adults who need orthodontic treatment?

Yes! Adults are a growing number of our patients. Some of our adult patients never had orthodontic treatment and are now looking to correct their jaw alignment or straighten their teeth. Other adult patients were treated as children but now need some smaller adjustments to their smile. We offer adults a number of cosmetically discreet treatment options so you can get the smile you want with minimal interruption to your lifestyle!

How much do braces cost?

The cost of treatment depends on the treatment plan and your individual needs. We are happy to coordinate with your dental insurance company and create a payment plan that works for your budget. You will know what to expect before you begin treatment so there are no surprise or unexpected costs.

 Do you have more questions?  We are happy to answer questions during a free consultation. Give us a call at 414-962-1281

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